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Review on La Carmela Boracay

I get to stay at La Carmela because its included in the the online voucher my friends has purchased.

The room was spacious and enough for groups of four. Our other friends got the room beside us and they requested to have the connecting door opened. Coldness of the aircon was just enough but I really don't like the HARD PILLOWS! At first it was soft but when I woke up, it was not only me who had my neck ACHING. I don't like the lighting of the room because it does not give you a feeling of coziness. I suggest that they put on some yellow lighting and not all white bulbs.

I just have to commend the service staff. You can request for your room to be cleaned (one thing we needed if you have quite messy room mates). The voucher included two dinners and two breakfast which is quite reasonable for the price I paid (if only I stayed for two nights since I spent only one night in Boracay w/ my friends).

Breakfast food was okay and the staff was accomodating. I can still remember Mr. Renan who I think favored to serve us everytime we had breakfast. We weren't able to taste the dinner food in this hotel because we wanted to eat elsewhere. As I saw, there were no freshly grilled food for dinner which had me wanting to eat somewhere else.

Overall, La Carmela is okay if you're with a bunch of friends who are always travelling out of the hotel and lounging on the beach. Its location is perfect because its just at the front of the Station 2 beach. I just don't like that the hotel is very open to the public (it doesn't have gates). So for me, security of the place is quite doubting although we weren't robbed or anything. Thanks La Carmela staff :)

Room Tip: "Request to open the connecting door if you & your friends have bedrooms next to each other. More fun to switch rooms and create a party" ... 

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