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Bad Experience from Air Asia (earlier resched of flights at the last minute!)

My adventure started with a stopover flight to Malaysia. A day before my trip, I got a text saying that my flight schedule from Malaysia to Bali would be rescheduled from 6pm to 2pm! The text came from a Malaysian number as I noticed from the area code. But my outbound flight from Manila did not change because when I called AirAsia Philippines, they did not receive any advise from AirAsia Malaysia about the flight change. AirAsia Philippines also doesn’t have any control over rescheduled flights handled by Air Asia Malaysia! They even asked me to call directly to Kuala Lumpur! Talk about bad customer service. I have previously asked airline at the Manila airport  to make necessary changes in my flight sched. I went to the airport much earlier so if the rescheduling was true, I could arrange for an earlier flight. But upon inquiring, Air Asia Philippines staff still hasn’t confirmed any flight changes.
My call was on hold for more than 20 mins.
and airline staff just advised me to call Malaysia directly!

Boy, was I fooled cause when I arrived Kuala Lumpur at 5pm, the plane did left us at 2pm! I was not alone quarrelling the airline staff in Kuala Lumpur in-transit arrival area, there was also another foreigner with the same complaint. We even asked if we could board the next 7:30pm flight but they said it was full. We asked for in-transit accommodation but they also did not give us anything even atleast a meal allowance. Imagine if I did not have any extra money allotted for in-transit hotel or if I have already pre-booked a hotel in Bali. Air Asia should have atleast paid for our in-transit hotel because our layover was 12 hours.

I’m never going to book with Air Asia again because of miscommunication between airlines.  

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