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4 nights in Bali, 4 different hotels under USD 50

When I decided to take a trip to Bali for my 30th birthday, I planned to see the different parts of the region – Kuta, Legian, Ubud, & Canggu. I have five days to spend and I thought of spending it at least in three different hotels. It is indeed tiring when you change hotels everyday while on vacation. Imagine if you’re alone and with a limited budget, you’d be reading a lot of hotel reviews and travel blogs before embarking on your journey.

So beforehand, I've listed in a small paper atleast three hotels per area. Hopped on a Blue Bird taxi and told the driver to go around my hotel choices in Kuta Legian. He laughed at me when I told him that I did not book any hotel and said that I'm lucky that it's off-peak season during November. If I have booked at Bali's high season, I would probably be sleeping on the public beach or give in to Couchsurfers who 20+ of them offered their places for free. That as a solo first time female traveler is a bit dangerous if you haven't tried couchsurfing before.

Here are the hotels I've stayed in which I did not regret booking and would recommend.
Take in mind that exchange rate currency at the time is USD 1.00 = IDR 13,600 (Nov 2015).

Area: Legian
Price: IDR 450,000 (USD 34)
for the surfer chic - Bliss Surfer Hotel, Bali, IndonesiaImage may be subject to copyright.

From my list of Legian hotels, I find this hotel as my first choice as it is situated a little far away from Kuta center and the price is indeed cost efficient. The cheapest room I got is every surfer's dream - perfectly clean, with a veranda where you can check out the sunset, full of decorative details of waves, island and ofcourse, surfing.

loving the hip feel of the interior at night in Bliss Surfer Hotel

My view from the bed and thinking if I can get to try that surfboard tomorrow LOL

Feel motivated enough to surf tomorrow?

I expected a lot of people to be checked in (as told in another blog) so I can meet new friends at the lounge sofas near the pool. But it was off-peak season so the place was kind of lonely that time. Coming from a long delayed flight, most of my time here was spent on resting inside my room. If you don't want the hustle and bustle of Kuta's center, this is a great choice.

The dining and cool lounge area at Bliss Surfer Hotel.
Image may be subject to copyright.
They are extra sweet! Surprised me with
a birthday pancake & song!

Pros: There's a free car transfer to Kuta beach every 4:00pm. The staff are nice and friendly, and the atmosphere has a chill vibe. I did not announce that it was my birthday the next day. But after breakfast, the whole dining staff blocked my way and lighted a pancake for me and began singing! I almost got myself into tears cause of how touched and surprised I am!  Kudos to excellent customer service!

Cons: If you frequently go to the city center or public beach, you have to take a cab everytime you do so. If you would like to walk, the hotel staff advises to walk in groups as bag snatching is common in Kuta.

Area: Kuta
Price: IDR 850,000 (USD 62.50)
**They gave me 

for the cosmo girl - Love Fashion Hotel, Bali, IndonesiaImage may be subject to copyright.

Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend. And what more can this saying be reflected in a hotel like Love F! Everywhere you look at, is in a form of a diamond. From the plates, to the cups, saucers, mirror, swimming pool and even the TV! There is actually a catalogue wherein you can purchase any (ofcourse diamond styled) item inside your bedroom. 

Even as you watch TV, you are reminded of diamonds. 

Will my stomach turn into a diamond after eating in these?

This hotel is fit for cosmopolitan girly girls or "strategically" suitable for guys who'd like to meet young chics while checked in. Once you enter the reception, pretty young ladies (Guest Relations Officers) will instantly greet you with a welcome vodka drink. Before you reach the main elevator, you'll be feeling like a model walking on their red carpet runway and having Channel F's fashion show music playing in the background. 
welcome vodka drink

Ready to strut your stuff on that red runway?

The hotel is very stylish. It has picture frames with quotes about women empowerment and fashion. I feel luxurious staying here as the hotel is fairly new and everything is so clean and beautifully detailed. Though the hotel is in the middle of Kuta, you can still have a good night's sleep. And when I say I have a good sleep, pillows and mattress are super comfy. Breakfast buffet is not that impressive. I guess they want their guests to stay fit (which is obvious from the weighing scale in the bedroom).

Pros: It is at the center of Kuta and you have instant access to  the hotel's very own Night Club! So this hotel is perfect for party goers. No need to take a cab, just take a lift three floors up. 

Cons: All electrical sockets are not universal. The concierge has limited universal adapters that you can borrow. I went to 3 Alfamart stores, 2 of them gives a fraudulent price of RP 250,000 per universal adapter and the final store where I bought costed me 150,000 and it did not work. I have to leave my phone at the concierge and that pissed me off as it was my birthday and had to use my phone to contact a friend that I'll be spending my birthday dinner. 

I wouldn't pass taking a selfie in the diamond shaped mirror & faucet.


Area: KutaPrice: IDR 306,000  (USD 22.50)

fair price for two twin beds - Tanaya B&B Bali

Tanaya is a haven for group of tourists that are staying for long periods of time. For a price below USD25 and having a spacious bed, complete toiletries, clean bathroom with towels changed everyday and free set breakfast, surely you can extend your stay in Bali for a week or so. The room is suitable for 2-4 pax depending on how crazy your position is when you sleep. It doesn't have the grand facilities but it would be enough if you'll always be out on tour or whereabouts during the day.

This is also where I met a fellow solo female traveler from Ukraine and we decided to hang out together for meals, shopping, beach sunbathing and the fun nightlife at Sky Garden. I realized it was wiser to stay in B&Bs like this boutique hotel because you can spend your money more on other things like tours, food, club entrance fees, night drinks and what have you.

Pros: You can haggle for a cheaper hotel room at the concierge. I did!  Also, I love it that their dining area is a veranda where you can eat while watch the outside streets and observe people passing by (okay that's a pet peeve of mine).

Cons: Don't expect other facilities like a pool, entertainment room, etc. A fellow solo traveler checked in that time told me that breakfast was great in her 3-day stay there. But when I had my breakfast, it was not very filling (see picture of pastry & fruits).

Area: Nusa Dua
Price: IDR 1,200,000

Honeymoon Haven at Bali Tropic & Resort Spa
Being a frugal traveller that I am, I still allow myself to go over my hotel budget and spend it on a 4-5 star resort. The only purpose I checked in here is that I wanted the beach for myself. In Kuta’s public beach, there are a lot of vendors offering you to buy something or avail a paid service. The resorts in Nusa Dua are perfect for people who want privacy and allot more of their time enjoying the wonderful facilities it has to offer.

I love the lush greens and architectural Balinese details in every wood and corner. The drapes of the bed are so vintage and romantic. You wished you were with a significant other to share this romantic place with. It almost got me depressed! The moment I lay down the bed, I got myself into a deep slumber and forgot to wake up in hopes to catch and watch the sunset by the beach. Warning: that’s how comfy the room is even though while I was sleeping, the music on TV was a rerun of Justin Bieber's songs! You may just have to cancel your outside plans.

1/4 of the bungalow is your overall space. Feels like home, right?

Bungalow at Bali Tropic & Resort Spa

Mesmerized by the intricate details of this concierge decor.
Now you saw the bedroom, how about the bathroom? It is so spacious having both a shower room and a bath tub. You can actually open the wooden accordion window that separates the bedroom and bathtub, turn the TV on and you get a night of relaxation heaven.

Ever wondered why I did not go out my room? Even the bathroom is a haven to stay at!

Who's ready to sleep again or something else? Can't explain how soft and comfy the mattresses are.

There are a lot of choices for the buffet breakfast. And it is good to dine here for dinner because a group of musicians are serenading the guests while you eat. There are two restaurants inside the resort that you can choose from.

As for the pool, it is not that grande but it indeed is deep for a 5-foot woman like me. Haha! 

Bali Tropic & Resort Spa beach
Grassy but clean waters but still unswimmable.

Pros: A need a clap of hands for the interior of the room. If you're after an Asian themed rustic type of hotel, this is a great choice. Convenient light switches are available at the bedside table and the bathtub. You can also request for the concierge for a wake up call. 

Cons: Upon entering the bungalow, I did not like the old wood smell that may be cause by infrequent use of the room. The hotel's beach is not a wonder and unswimmable because of the mossy and rocky beach terrain. All of the vacationers would swim in the pool.

No hotel car transfer and they charge you for a local landline call which suppose to be for free.

Which of these hotels do I love the best?

It's difficult to decide as I like different things about them.
--Bed Award: Bali Tropic & Resort Spa
--Bathroom Award: Bali Tropic & Resort Spa
--Solo Traveler Preference: Bliss Surfer Hotel
--Thriving Traveler Preference: Tanaya B&B
--Must-Try Unique Hotel: Love F Hotel

I know this won't be my last trip to Bali, Indonesia. But I hope I have given you some ideas on where to stay best depending on your itinerary and purpose of travel. If you like my post or would like to add some insight about any of these hotels, please share on the comments below. :)

--Spicy Trekker

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