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Crimson Resort and Spa Cebu: A feel of home & luxury

It has been my fourth or fifth time in Cebu last April 2015 but it is my first time to spend it with my family. My family is mostly unprepared when they want to go on a vacation. So as you would guess, the easiest and quickest destination they could book was in Cebu. The choice they have to make was between Movenpick and Crimson Resort and Spa but the latter had the room availability. If you are with people who don't fancy to tire themselves out on tours, trekking and the like, then it is advisable that you just book from any of the luxury hotels near the Cebu airport. If you have more time and in need of more adventure in Cebu, I suggest you go directly to Bantayan Island. 

To make this entry concise and functional for curious travelers, I will be listing down the advantages and disadvantages of staying in this resort.

Going There:

From the Cebu airport, a hotel staff is on standby to offer you a shuttle ride to the resort. You may also take a taxi cab which would cost you less than 100 pesos as the distance of Crimson Cebu to the airport would take only 15-20 minutes. The travel from the airport to the resort would bring a smile to your face as you will see a "sea of bougainvilleas" along the road, planted purposely by Crimson Resort. 

Reception/ Checking-In:

my siblings lounging on the Crimson Resort lobby sofas
Hotel staff were very friendly as they will greet you with their right hand over heart signature gesture. A disadvantage would be knowing that their standard check-in time is 3:00pm and check-out is at 11:00am. It was our first time to hear of that schedule. It's like you are robbed with two (2) hours of resort stay. As we were very early to arrive at 10am, we we were told that we cannot also have an early check-in at 12 or 2pm as too many guests have booked and arrived during the summer season.

Filipino Game of "Sungka" kept us entertained

The entertaining about the reception was the big Sungka game there. It was big enough for a "Master Sungka Tournament!" We spent some of our waiting time playing Sungka and thankfully, we enjoyed and satisfyingly entertained ourselves on simple games like this. To kill time, we decided to have a city tour instead until 12:30noon and went to the Cebu's peak to eat at the famous .

these comfy beds made us kids again

The bed is super comfy. We initially planned to tour the outskirts of Cebu, but this comfy bed is so hindering our plans! On our first day, we just want to lounge inside our bedrooms. Sinking my head in the right softness and hardness of the pillow is the ultimate sign - I am indeed in a relaxing vacation!

Wait and see how lovely the pathway Crimson Resort has! It is summer but I feel like it's already Spring! (And we don't have spring season in the Philippines!) The journey to our room is quite far from the amenities and the beach. But you wouldn't even notice because everything you walk through entertains you with the beauty of nature.

Bougainvilla filled pathways

Lovely pathway to the villas of Crimson Resort & Spa. Hope all villages look like this.


Seashore at Crimson Resort & Spa Cebu


Experience clear clean waters but the sea floor is rocky. My mommy and I had our soles punctured at one time cause of a pointed rock underneath. The shore also has slippery rocks so tend to swim instead of walking to get deep in the sea. The sand is creamy white and sand texture feels and looks like small crushed seashells. Don't expect it to look like the powdery sand of Boracay or blinding white sands of Panglao. But the ambiance of the beach is enough for me to enjoy lounging and swimming time. For upscale resorts, expect guests to be in full swimming attire (and when I say this, no shorts, no cover-ups, just be proud of your beautiful body!) It is safe to swim since there is a net barrier and a constant lifeguard watching. Guests can only swim until 5pm at the beach.

enough sunbathing beds for everyone!

Swimming POOL

There are two pools which are both really shallow. First pool near the restaurant has two feet deep of water and a beautiful fish fountain is found. This pool is obviously for children. The adult pool claims to be an "infinity pool" but didn't looked like it because the pool edge doesn't have any water. You couldn't dive in this because the water in it is only four feet high. I think it was built for social purposes. Though food and drinks were not allowed. I saw a group of Caucasians with their alcohol goblets and bottles of beer while they chitchat at one pool side.

FOOD and Restaurant

Everyone should be taking advantage of the Breakfast Buffet. The cuisine has American, a bit of Filipino, and Chinese cuisine. And as usual, the place was packed with Koreans! Again, we felt like a foreign tourist in our own country! Anyway, as I am on a strict diet, I'm contented with the food offering. Though I queued for 10-15mins in the Omelette cooking station. The restaurant servers were fast to accommodate our requests.

There are actually two or three dinner offerings - seaside dinner buffet, ala carte/buffet at the main restaurant and at Azure, the drinking lounge. At night, here what the seaside buffet looks like (see pic below). Isn't it lovely? And true to that, it is pricey. As our family is not used to eating so much during dinner, we didn't avail the seaside buffet offering.
Nice music and food setting at the seaside Dinner Buffet of Crimson Resort & Spa Cebu
If you want to be sociable and meet new friends, it is recommended for you to lounge at Azure. The time when we were there, there were a bunch of Caucasians and other foreigners huddled and having a good time in Azure. This place is perfect for those who want to (lightly)party at night.
Azure, drinking lounge at Crimson Rresort & Spa Cebu

And when you are tired from the day's tours and binge eating, lay down and relax in this blue lighted sunbathing beds beside the sea. I actually didn't realize I slept here for about 15 minutes! That's how relaxing it is.

don't say this isn't relaxing enough. lounge shaded sofas in Crimson Resort Spa Cebu

my view from the Lounge Nest
lounge nest

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