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Which Laiya Resort to go to on a weekend?

Batangas is a 3-4 hours drive from Manila and has always been a quick beach getaway for stressful Manila residents on weekends. The side of Laiya, San Juan has been a favorite beach destination from the Metro. And if you have been there (or just happen to just pass by), you would notice that there are several beach resorts.

I have been to three Laiya Resorts with my family, mainly because of my father's yearly outings. And here are my reviews for each resort which I hope you can find to be helpful when you plan to visit to Laiya.


"Luxury Price, not a luxurious place"

They can boast of their wide beach area which is good for office team buildings. It was my father's company outing. There were three other companies also having their team bldg. there so I wouldn't suggest this place for a relaxing family excursion.

The cottages were okay and the beach was quite white. Although I didn't like the public comfort rooms, they were not clean.
We wished to stay for an overnight because my sister didn't want to take a long drive again on the same day we arrived. We inquired for an airconditioned room but the only available was a room with only a Fan (w/o TV) and costs at 8,000+ for us 5 persons. I think its quite pricey considering its only a fan room.
Then the staff said there's an AC room available already but by the time we wanted to transfer already, the desk staff said that the man who talked to us gave us false information! What the hell would they lie to us?
So we searched for other resorts around Laiya and they were all fully booked! We found Laiya Coco Grove and got a better time there.

I wouldn't go back here at Virgin Beach Laiya..thumbs down..sorry


"Muddy but had a fun time w/ the activities"

We had no choice that time because this was the only resort available in Laiya. We left the awful Virgin Beach & transferred here. 

For those who wants to spend add'l money for fun 

-->> go snorkeling & a boat will take you far from the shore. Fun fun experience!

For those who wants to go cheap 

--->> just ask their resort Jeep to take you to White Beach (because their beach gets all MUDDY when in low tide, first time I saw something like it in my life)

---->>> enjoy the pool (though I think at night, its not clean, I really didn't take a dip...the pool didn't have the continuous refilling system. There's just a water hose filling it up.)

---->>> jump your heart out in the TRAMPOLINE! 

(it was our 1st time to jump so we enjoyed it & took videos & pictures of ourselves)

The Buffet Food was delicious. It really filled up our stomachs in a good and satisfied way.

The Room/Villa has lots of MOSQUITOES! My sister specifically killed 27! (Yes she counted it!) We asked for a Baygon spray from the staff & sprayed it all over the place. The thing is, why didn't they do this before we checked in?

The Villa costs us 12,600 for 5 persons w/ 3-meal buffet for all of us. The room was huge, 4 queen sized beds which could accommodate to 8 persons! So the two beds in the other room weren't used. The only problem is we think the door lock is not that secure.

But overall, we had a fun experience. :D I would still recommend this place. Just a reminder for the staff to get rid of those mosquitoes.


LA LUZ Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas:
Things To Do - Lounge, Frisbee, Chill by the beach Veranda

LA LUZ Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas:
- The Premier Loft - 

LA LUZ Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas:
Boating & Snorkeling

Premier Loft - Php 5,520  (5 semi beds, 1 double bed; two floors)
Massage (whole body) - Php 250/hour
Snorkeling - Php 100/3 hrs rent of goggles and gear
Boating - Php 2,000


>> Click Here <<
for more pictures of La Luz on our second trip

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