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One Day Fun in Boracay, is it possible?

Yes it is..

Ever believe that you can experience all the fun in Boracay in just a day? Well, ofcourse, not all but imagining doing six fun and famous activities in one day in this sunny and merry island.

My highschool friends and I made it possible last February 2012. I had to fly there on the second day because I hosted a friend's baby shower on their first flight out. On the first day, they decided not to do any tours because they wanted to wait for me. Call it so sweet! Awww.... It was merrier if we do all the activities and tours together.

As there are several tour guides roaming in the island and poking your shoulder to get their services,

TIP#1: I recommend that you get a tour guide if you're traveling with a group (of atleast six people), rather than scouting the destination and costs by yourselves. It does seem cheaper if you travel and do activities in groups. Tour guides are more open to give you discounts when you're a pack of adventurous tourists!

Buffet Breakfast at La Carmela Boracay hotel

This is vice versa if you're traveling as a couple. I think it would be more romantic if you'll figure out the whole place by yourselves. Or moreover if you'd like to get cheaper activity rates, you can either: 1) go on a Boracay vacation on a non-peak month or 2) make new friends on the island and join their tours to get discounted group rates. But if you search well enough, you'll find online vouchers or couple discounted packages for you to have an affordable Boracay escapade.

Waves were too strong, we have to hold on the rope
while snorkeling or we'll get drifter away

Fairways & Bluewater Zorball
at Php200 (2x fall)
TIP#2: Since you are prepared to do everything in a day, make sure you wake up early as 7-8am and gobble up a full breakfast. To create less hassle, book a hotel which offers free breakfast for your group. We stayed in La Carmela Boracay hotel because my friends have purchased online vouchers which includes free buffet breakfast and buffet dinner for all of us. (I'll write a separate review of La Carmela) Its very convenient to just wake up and smell the hearty breakfast just waiting for you.

TIP#3: It may seem O.C. but plan the time of each activity. A worthy vacation is always a vacation well-planned. Good thing, I have friends who are very efficient in planning.

Day 1:

  • In-flight to Caticlan
  • free time to eat all you can,
  • get a henna tattoo, 
  • take pictures, 
  • build sand castles 
  • and swim the clear Boracay waters

Day 2:

09:00 AM - 12:00 AM      Island Hopping
                                  (Option 1: Crocodile Island; Option 2: land trek to two island cove hopping, 2-3 hrs.)
12:00 AM - 12:30 AM     Snorkeling
12:30 AM - 13:00 AM     Banana Boat
13:00 PM - 14:00 PM     Helmet Diving (only 15 mins but allot 1-1.5 hrs. if the queue is long)
14:00 PM - 15:30 PM     Lunch break
15:30 PM - 17:00 PM     Zorb Ball
17:30 PM - 18:00 PM     Sunset sailing (Paraw)
18:00 PM - 19:00 PM     Breaktime to freshen up and shower back to the hotel
19:00 PM - 20:00 PM     Buffet dinner 
20:00 PM - 21:30 PM     Pasalubong Shopping, Jonah's shake for dessert
21:00 PM - 21:30 PM     quick pass to beach club partying

Day 3:

07:30 PM - 08:30 PM     Breakfast
08:30 AM - 09:00 AM     Frisbee
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM     Swimming time
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM     Lunch break
11:30 AM                     Out flight via Kalibo

BANANA BOAT - people at the left "manong, wag kang magkakamaling itapon kami";
people at the right (where I am in) "Kuya, ang tagal mo naman kami hulugin!"

HELMET DIVING at Milky's - the mister gives a pre-seminar 
on the safety rules of going underwater

One of my favorite activities of the day was the Paraw or the boat sailing where we sat on the nets situated on the sides of the boat. I was quite unlucky because when I transferred from the left to the right net, my nail got stuck and BROKE! It was the first time I had half of my toenail taken off! At the first part of the ride, I felt really bad because I was concerned with my nail. Then I realized how breathtaking the sunset and view was, I forgot all about my toenail. It was relieving to feel the cold breeze across my face and the view of the golden sun setting from the bluest skies above us.

As much as you want to keep your bikini body fit and sexy, you just can't ignore this delectable food served in Boracay. We actually have our dinner vouchers at La Carmela hotel Boracay but we wanted to eat at a different place. We walked til Station 3 and found a Php280 buffet dinner of seafood and meat, with a free glass of Ice Tea.

We're all sun-kissed RED upon dinnertime

After dinner, we had our last purchase of pasalubong at the D'Mall and other side stalls while walking from Station 3 to 2. Since we were craving for dessert, we walked (a very long walk) to Station 1's Jonah's Shake. A must-try is there Choco Banana Rum Shake. Well, I got a bit tipsy from drinking much of that shake. There are several dance clubs in Station 1. We passed by one near Jonah's Shake (forgot the name).

Enjoy the Boracay Nightlife

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