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Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa in Cebu (now JPark Resort)

Lost and don't know where to stay in Cebu? Well, we were in the same scenario! Luckily, we spotted a salesman of Imperial Palace Resort (now known as JPark as of 2015) at the Cebu Mactan Airport. There were only four hotel booths at the airport - Shangri-La Mactan, Alegre Resort, Plantation Bay & Imperial Palace. The waterslides intrigued us and knowing that they have a great waterpool and beach, we know that Imperial Palace would be the best choice.

And in addition, the salesman told us, "If you book in now, I can UPGRADE your room to a SUITE at the same price of 8,000"
Well, what do you know...ofcourse we'd say YES to that! We were just contented to get their cheapest room but he offered us a suite at a deluxe room price! At first, we missed the free shuttle to the resort, but Mr. Jonard (salesman) arranged a free SUV ride for us, for free again!

So we felt a VIP treatment from the moment we booked in the hotel booth at the airport. We were accompanied by Mr.John to our room (who I'd like to thank greatly for being so hospitable) & he even explained the amenities of our Suite. I'd like to scream in excitement but I saved it after the bellboy left.

Imperial Palace Resort Cebu:
having your own minibar & living room space at The Suite

Imperial Palace Resort Cebu: 
The Suite bedroom with side Cleopatra chair
Imperial Palace Resort Cebu:
The Suite bedroom facing the large bathroom w/ tub & shower

Imperial Palace Resort Cebu:
You have your own "walk-in closet"
 Man, I could stay the whole day inside the Suite! It has this lovely minibar, a living room, a veranda (although overlooking the parking lot & a bit of the beach from afar), the sultry black themed bathroom with a gorgeous walk in closet and an uber comfy bedroom. I couldn't ask for more! But ofcourse, we have to enjoy the sun outside.

Asides from enjoying their themepark slides, they have several pools you can enjoy swimming on (one has a bar serving alcohol). You can also borrow a snorkeling gear & the lifeguard will give you breads to feed the fish while your snorkeling at the beach. 
Waterpool Slides! of Imperial Palace & Resort Cebu

But what we loved the most is the Buffet Breakfast Food! So many selections and so many time to indulge in all of them! Perfect for families and couples. If you ask me about the disadvantage, it would be the enormous number of Koreans at the resort. We really felt like a foreigner at our own country! We could literally count 5 Filipino families checked in there and about 30+ Korean families & couples! Imperial Palace is a Korean hotel brand, so we couldn't blame the race of the tourists. Its just that they are really unfriendly to the locals (us Pinoys) compared w/ Caucasians (I've traveled to Europe & they're really extremely friendly to us) I wish they could get more local Filipinos to patronize this place.

Overall, I would definitely come back here if given a chance and would recommend this place to anyone. :)

Room Tip: inquire at their booth at the airport, maybe they'll UPGRADE your room to a SUITE..we just had!

Amenities: Five restaurants, around three large pools (one w/ a bar in the center), beach area, function rooms for meetings, Karaoke room, Wedding/Party Coordinator/Specialist lounge, etc... too much amenities..pls. check their website
This is the only pool(out of 4) available for swimming at night

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa: Beach area

Imperial Palace Cebu: The Karaoke Room
"ready to eat as many as I can!"

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