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Tamaraw Beach Resort: the tranquil side of Puerto Galera

I've heard of Puerto Galera to be noisy & overly crowded especially in the holy week season in the Philippines. We were wishing for tranquility, privacy, white sand beaches & at experiencing those at a good cost. We couldn't afford Boracay, so we decided to go here in Puerto Galera, at the Aninuan Beach Side. The commercialised side of Puerto Galera is the White Beach which is just beside Aninuan.

Cottages at Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

We originally planned to stay in "Sunset at Aninuan" resort because we loved the pictures we saw on their website, but when we walked in there to find their standard room very small and extremely pricey. Tamaraw Beach was just beside it and its area was larger than 'Sunset at Aninuan' resort. We were planning to go for the Superior Cottage/Room but all of the rooms were booked, except for the Deluxe Room which the only problem was it is not airconditioned, and we only got a fan. But it was breezy outside and it was nice to sleep in the earth's breezy air. (I experience backaches whenever sleeping under airconditioned rooms)

The advantage of the Deluxe Room is that it is right beside the restaurant and it is the nearest accomodation right at the front of the beach! I always wanted a beachfront room. We had cable TV & two beds. But I think the bathroom needs improving since the colors are just too faded and looks old & very standard.

 The Beach at Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

What I love about Tamaraw is how we can just relax in their reclining chairs & watch the sunset and not having to worry about crowded beaches of boats and tourists. We crossed other beaches & discovered a very secret place from a forest we got into (hope you'll discover that too). They have free WiFi access & we got a free tricycle ride(either on White Beach or on the Town Proper/'Bayan') on our check out. For us to save on food, we crossed the rocks to get to White Beach, and crossed the rocks back. Very tiring but worth it! We always requested for ice and distilled water for free at Tamaraw Beach Resort. I tell you, we had a lot of difficulty getting free ice & distilled water on our second day stay at the White Beach.
Our room had a balcony area and some old people began to stay there and it became quite noisy, and we were relieved when some of the resort staff warned them to go away because it was suppose to be for OUR use.

Definitely, a better stay at an affordable cost. =)
Room Tip:  Room at the front of the beach (fan only but great view & access to the beach)
  or Superior Cottage Room for good airconditioning
Cost of Room booked (2011): Php 1,200 (beachfront, no airconditioning)

Basking in the Sun, at Tamaraw Beach, Puerto Galera 

One of the dining restos at Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

A lifeguard post at Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

UPDATE as of 2014!
the new swimming pool

The beach front room which we stayed in before was now long gone :( As you can see from the photo above, the room behind the lifeguard's post was the one we stayed at before. But the good thing is they turned it into a nice swimming infinity-like pool. And we get to snap award-winning shots of the wonderful and breathtaking sunset! Check out below for updated photos of my 2014 family trip and a repeat booking in an improved Tamaraw Beach Resort. :)
breathtaking sunset in Puerto Galera, photo by spicytrekker

I've gone fatter too after 3 yrs :)

my sisters enjoying the sunset swim

the lounge chairs still look the same after 3 yrs 
reception area from the road

Amazing sunset in Puerto Galera! One of my photos in Tamaraw beach infinity pool during sunset was featured by in Lovino's "" FB page.

beautiful sunset to end your Puerto Galera day
photo by spicytrekker

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